Apr 8, 2011

UPS Systems With Engraving Machines

Bill Gray, Quebecor Richmond, spoke on behalf of the Exide Power Generating Systems. His
company was experiencing problems with power outages, surges and spikes. They lost over
130 cylinders due to those problems. They decided to purchase a 160 KVA Exide system. In
fourteen month’s they have had no cylinder losses. Since then, they have added presses to
the unit.
The Exide Rep spoke in detail about the systems available and stressed the importance of
having a self supporting power system. He indicated that his company offered a variety of

Question – Can you give us an estimate on what a three-phase system would cost per KVA?
In addition, are the bigger units more cost efficient than the smaller ones?
Answer – Bill said, from the rotary system that we installed, was four times less. A 160 KVA
system would be less than $20,000.

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