Apr 9, 2011

Basic Electrochemistry and Process Control for plating gravure cylinder

Acid Copper Electroplating
•The Sulfuric Acid, Copper Sulfate (H2SO4, CuSO4) plating bath is very efficient.
•It’s very easy to operate and maintain under most conditions
•A primary condition is the recommended current density of 3-6 amps/dm2 (this not for engraving this density just for plating)

A Quick Review of the Process
•The Anode is the positiveelectrode, it also replenishes the bath with metallic ions
•The Cathode is the negativeelectrode, at the cathode metallic ions are plated out of the bath
•The acid component of the bath provides conductivity
•The metallic salt is dissociated and is the source of metallic ions for the cathode

to be continued....

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