Apr 8, 2011

Diamond Engraving Tools

Panel consisted of Hugh McAllister, Mike Hunter and Edwin from Chardon Tools.
Diamonds are used for engraving because they are the hardest materials on the planet.
However, they need to be set up properly. A diamond can be weak and break.
A slide show was presented with examples of different diamonds and their characteristics. A
tool management program has been put into place to monitor tools in the process. To help
correlate problems with copper and how that relates to diamond tools.
Question – Is there a way to tell if the Styli is close to the end of its life?
Answer – One suggestion is to measure the last row of cells every fifty hours and visually
monitor the cell. Some customers get 800 hours on a tool, another with similar work may only
get 200. It is suggested to form your own individual method.
Question – What has the better life? Man made or natural diamonds?
Answer – It is hard to say that one gets better than the other does. It depends on material
you are cutting and other factors.
Question – What are the average running hours on a natural diamond?
Answer – 250 hours. However, depending on individual circumstances the hours may vary.


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