Apr 18, 2011

cylinder wear

A. (Lannie) We would expect a million or better impressions before strip and rechrome.
Depends on the ink also. If you are engraving a lot of subtle tones, it will wear out
A. (Bill) If we have wear in the first 50,000 impressions, it usually is a press problem.
The majority of the time if it is a press condition, you will have it damage the cylinder
right away. 100,000 to 200,000 may indicate a cylinder problem.
A. (Bob) This problem has been going on since they first chrome plated a cylinder. It is
a frustrating problem and people don’t like to admit in front of a group that they have
problems. It is not just a prepress or press problem. Ink can be a big factor, also.
Q. Finish requirement: If a plant has multiple presses with different finish quality, are
they running the same RZ? This is one of the biggest problems I see in the field.
You can’t run the same RZ on different presses.
A. (Bill) RZ can change drastically from one plant to another. The product is the same,
but the presses print differently and carry the ink much differently. It is critical to
communicate that inter-plant. It is important to communicate as much information as
possible to eliminate that as a variable.

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