Apr 8, 2011

Cylinder Finishing Machine

Bob Speiss, K-Walter, gave a talk on the CFM (Cylinder Finishing Machine). This is a one step
process machine. It cuts the sides, face, and radius in one step. The next generation CFM3
will also eliminate de-chroming, as it will cut off chrome.
Panel Discussion – Joe Mezenski, Quad, Bill Gray, Quebecor, Bob Hopp, Quebecor, Paul
Gaddy, Southern Graphics.
Comments by the panel, CFM is about twice as fast as other machines and produces a nice
radius. Some of the first installations experienced some minor problems with the collar system
but K-Walter helped with these problems. The machine is fully programmable meaning numerous
cylinder sizes may be customized individually.
Quebecor, Richmond, was a beta site for the CFM and after some problems early on, they are
satisfied with the results of the machine. They are cuffing strictly chrome. For a one hundred
and thirty-one by forty-nine-inch circumference cylinder was obtained. By adjusting pressures
on the stone smoother, RZ’s were obtained. They were continuing to make minor modifications
to enhance the performance of the machine.
The packaging group uses 2,000 and 3,000 stones to produce a smoother finish. They also
are cutting to steel and following up with a 600 grit stone.
Bill Gray said they had experienced a problem with peeling. They determined that this was a
process problem and started to reverse polarity before copper plating. This allowed the newly
plated copper to adhere better to the base.
Question – What factors drove you to choose the CFM?
Answer – Bill Gray said, they were installing a new line and they wanted to automate and
have a quick turnaround, which the CFM provided. Other panel members commented that
automation and a quick turnaround were a high priority and the CFM worked well with a solid
base or a minimum plate process.
Question – Has anyone done any cost comparisons on the Polishmasters verses the CFM?
Answer – The tools are cheaper but, there are some consumables such as stones etc., which
are not used on the Polishmaster. On the other hand, if you use the machine to cut chrome
you do not have to purchase de-chrome solution.
Question – Would you expand some more on cutting steel?
Answer – An additive must be put in the water for cooling. Speeds should be adjusted and
specific and tools are used for steel.

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